“Grace is greater than sin, and light is greater than darkness.”

From a letter by Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska to Blessed Michal Sopoćko, on June 29, 1938:

Oh, Father, I cannot tell you how happy I am that the Divine Mercy is already being worshipped, in spite of all the adversities and human envy; in spite of Satan’s anger and hatred. God’s work will not suffer one bit of loss.

The Lord God gave me to see His glory, which flows from this work, and this is only the beginning. My heart was amazed at the sight of this knowledge and I am so much at peace concerning this whole work that, even if the greatest adversities were to rage, they would not be able to disturb my peace for even a moment. I understood clearly that there is nothing of myself in this whole work and that God Himself continues to direct His work and uses us merely as useless instruments; I say this about myself because I see that I sometimes hinder God’s action through my eagerness.

And yet, in spite of the fact that God Himself is in charge of this work, we are obliged to do everything that is in our power in order to move it forward, even though our efforts might seem to be of no avail. However, God’s work is built on them.

I would also like to say that the chaplet is efficacious in the conversion of souls. Father, if you have some obstinate soul, resisting God’s grace, try to induce it to say this chaplet and pray it yourself for [this soul], Father, for then God’s grace will surely conquer it! I have now come to know even better God’s power contained in this chaplet when, during these days, I gained the victory over the exterminating angel, who once again wanted to strike our earth; I won the victory by reciting the chaplet.

And now as to my health, I must say it is very poor. I have been in the sanatorium in Prądnik Biały for three months already; I was here last year, and I am to remain here until the 20th of July. The doctor tells me that it would take a miracle for my health to return or to put in new lungs, but I desire neither a miracle nor new lungs; all I want is the most Holy Will of God. Let God do with me as He pleases. Do I suffer? I do not suffer much apart from coughing and occasionally bringing up blood, but that is nothing.

The life of my soul has not changed in any way; it has deepened due to the suffering and abandonment that God has allowed. I have benefited from this struggle because I have risen above suffering and consolations, and even above my very self.

This happened on Low Sunday. My soul attained complete freedom, a freedom I never knew before. Oh, how good it is to lose everything, including one’s own self, for God! Then the soul attains such spiritual freedom and rises above all worlds.

I am running out of paper, and yet I have barely said anything, but maybe God will give you to know what I have not yet written down.

I kiss your hand, dear Father, and ask your prayers and blessing.

“Grace is greater than sin, and light is greater than darkness.”

Excerpts from “The Church Cannot Remain Silent: Unpublished Letters and Other Writings” by Saint Oscar Romero:

“Personally, I want to be a faithful and docile instrument of the work of the Holy Spirit in these times. I lend my voice to the Lord, so that I can be the voice of those who have no voice. The moment has come when we Christians must respond to the call of the Lord. There are many who still haven’t awakened. Let us be patient with them. Let us pray, and, insofar as we can, help them to awaken.” (October 28, 1977)

“I invite you not to lose heart in your work of announcing the liberating message of Jesus for everyone. We mustn’t let ourselves be discouraged by the misunderstandings of those who are not on the path of conversion. Let us strengthen ourselves for our pastoral work by praying for each other.” (August 25, 1979)

“We have never discriminated against anyone. Our call to union and conversion is constant. The church has a prophetic mission: to ANNOUNCE how we should live as children of God; to DENOUNCE every type of sin (personal and social) and to call to CONVERSION. The church doesn’t reject anyone, but it also doesn’t oblige anyone. Conversion is an indispensable requisite to be in communion with God and with everyone.” (July 4, 1979)

“I have denounced attitudes that need to be denounced. I have done that not out of resentment, or as an irresponsible critic, but because of the very love I have for everyone, a love that demands clarity and justice…. If the errors committed have been public, then the call to correct them must be public, too. The call is addressed to a person who has civil authority, so that he will exercise that authority on behalf of the majority and in the service of justice.” (October 10, 1978)

“The church has the firm hope that a day will come when there will be peace, justice, and love among us. That’s why we’re working constantly, trying to build the kingdom of God on earth.” (June 14, 1978)

“It is consoling to know that the church is greater and holier when it is persecuted and that any sacrifice is worthwhile when we are the living voice of the Church of Christ.” (March 24, 1977)

“Those worshippers of the worldly powers are the ones who deform the truth in their favor, no matter how clearly we speak to them. They will never understand the church’s message of solidarity with the poor as long as they seek to hold on to their privileges. The gospel phrase ‘Even if the dead were to preach to them’ (cf. Luke 16:31) fully applies to them. We must pray constantly for their conversion.” (July 17, 1979)

“You should try, more and more, to find and live gospel values. God is with His people in their struggle to achieve their freedom. Let us draw near to Him and hear His word, which saves and frees. Be firm in your faith; encourage each other and never lose hope. Grace is greater than sin, and light is greater than darkness. Some day they will triumph. The risen Christ is our hope.” (June 7, 1979)


A child of Jesus and Mary.

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