Supernatural Beauty

(Jesus, in private revelation given to Maria Valtorta, on July 14, 1944)

Man without Grace, which sin takes away, is nothing more than the tomb where the dead spirit putrefies. This is why, at the resurrection of the flesh, human beings, though all of them will have a common physical image, will be very dissimilar in appearance. The blessed, with a semi-divine appearance; the damned, with a demoniac appearance. The mystery of consciences will then shine forth externally. A terrible knowledge!

The more man lives in Grace and increases it—which is itself already infinite—with the merits of his holy life, the more he comes to resemble God. One must make an effort to reach the perfection of the likeness. You will never reach it, for the creature cannot be like the Creator, but you approach this supernatural Beauty to the extent that it is granted to you.

I said, “Be perfect as My Father is.” (Matthew 5:48) I have set no limit on your perfection. The more you strive to reach this perfection, the more the diaphragms of what is human will fall, like a wall attacked by victorious forces, and the distances will diminish, and vision will grow, and the capacity to grasp, comprehend, see, and know God will increase.

But it is necessary to tend towards it with all your strength, with all your generosity. Without “looking back” (Luke 9:62), to observe what is left behind. Without ever stopping. Without tiring. The reward justifies heroism, for the reward is to plunge into the enjoyment of Love, to possess God, then, as you will in Heaven.

O beautific union and wonderful possession! It is yours, faithful children. Come and satiate yourselves!

Madonna and Child


A child of Jesus and Mary.

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