“I am dying of longing for You”

From the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, #841:

O my Creator, I long for You! You understand me, O Lord of mine! All that is on earth seems to me like a pale shadow. It is You I long for and desire. Although You do so inconceivably much for me, for You Yourself visit me in a special way, yet those visits do not soothe the wound of the heart, but make me long all the more for You, O Lord. Oh, take me to Yourself, Lord, if such is Your Will! You know that I am dying, and I am dying of longing for You; and yet, I cannot die. Death, where are you? You draw me into the abyss of Your divinity, and You veil Yourself with darkness. My whole being is immersed in You, yet I desire to see You face to face. When will this come about for me?




A child of Jesus and Mary.

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