The fruit of prayer is joy and faith, without which you cannot live

From a meditation by Father Mark Haydu:

Our world hates to talk about sin, and sometimes even in the Church we shy away from teaching about our sinful nature. For instance, do you remember the last time you heard a homily about sin? Some will say, “That is too negative. Catholic guilt has done too much harm already,” or, “Are we not resurrected people? Our song is ‘Alleluia!’ Forget the doom and gloom, and let’s focus on the glory!”

Yet to understand the mysteries of our faith, we must consider why it was necessary for Jesus to die. The good news of our faith becomes even more extraordinary when we accept and come to understand that it is sin that separates us from God and others.

As sin is a reality we all face, ignoring this reality only leads us to frustration. All of us have sinned, and therefore we are separated from the love of our heavenly Father. Earth is not our eternal dwelling place. We are far away from home and have chosen to be so, more or less consciously, more or less freely. Essentially, like the prodigal son in the parable Jesus tells us, ignoring the reality of sin could rob us from knowing the goodness of God. For sooner or later, if a doctor fails to diagnose a serious disease, the patient will die. Likewise, in the spiritual life, we have to recognize our sin in order to understand our condition and embrace the remedy.

A composition by Thomas à Kempis:

O Mary, purple rose, white jewel, you who are tender, good, and full of love, appease your Son. That Babe you brought forth filled with joy at the Angel’s song, you now receive from the Cross into your sorrowful arms.

Have compassion on Christ and His Mother, O faithful soul, if you want to exult with them eternally in heaven.

Jesus, Son of God, have pity on me, in virtue of the prayers of Your holy Mother. Save me by means of the Cross, lead me to the true light, I pray, together with You in heaven. You Who promised paradise to the good thief, forgive me; I am guilty, but You redeemed me with Your Blood.

“I let Him act in me, with me, for me, according to His good pleasure.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje, in private revelation given to Jakov Colo, on December 25, 2021:

Dear children,

You are, and you are called, “children of God.” If only your hearts would feel that immeasurable love which God has for you, your hearts would adore and give thanks to Him at every instant of your life.

Therefore, little children, today, on this day of grace, open your hearts and implore the Lord for the gift of faith; so that you could truly become worthy of the name “children of God,” who, with a pure heart, give thanks to and honor their Heavenly Father. I am beside you and am blessing you with my motherly blessing.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

(Matthew 5:8-9)

Our Lady of Medjugorje, in private revelation given to Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti, on December 25, 2021:

Dear children!

Today I am carrying my Son Jesus to you, for Him to give you His peace. Little children, without peace you do not have a future or blessing. Therefore, return to prayer, because the fruit of prayer is joy and faith, without which you cannot live.

Today’s blessing which we give you, carry to your families and enrich all those whom you meet, that they may feel the grace which you are receiving. Thank you for having responded to my call.


A child of Jesus and Mary.

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