Praying to Our Eucharistic Lord

(from “Visits to the Most Holy Sacrament and to the Blessed Virgin, for Every Day in the Month” by Saint Alphonsus Maria de’ Liguori)

Jesus Christ. — I have promised to remain with you till the consummation of the world; but have I not a right to expect that some should feel for My sufferings?  Yet few come to visit Me.

The Adorer. — My beloved Saviour, Thou shalt no longer be abandoned, I will make it a duty to visit and adore Thee.  Heart of Jesus, always burning with love for us, and ready to show us mercy, pardon me the forgetfulness I have been guilty of towards Thee; forgive my coldness and want of faith; my little zeal to make Thee known and loved: rather let my heart be destroyed than be any longer insensible.  Heart of Jesus, to Thee I consecrate the remainder of my life, would that all creatures had the hearts of Seraphim to love Thee, and that every mouth might resound Thy praise, and every mind be filled with the thought of Thy greatness!  I unite myself to the homages Thou dost receive from Thy Angels and Saints, and from the Just who remain on earth; I wish that those who love and adore Thee were multiplied infinitely, and I would willingly sacrifice all I possess, even my very life if necessary to prevent one single grievous offense against Thee.

Jesus Christ. — My child, I accept your desires: ask whatsoever you will of My Father, in My Name, and He will grant it to you.

The Adorer. — Lord, since Thou dost permit me, I will speak to Thee with confidence, and will implore Thee to give me wherewith to pay the great debt I have contracted to Thee; I will beseech Thee to remember that I am Thy creature, and to give me grace to know my Creator, that I may love Him.  My God, how canst Thou make me know what Thou art better than by granting me Thy grace?  Signalize Thy mercy by making my soul regain, by ardent love, the time I have lost in not loving Thee.  Jesus, my only Hope, make me worthy of Thy Heart, and faithful to the love I have vowed to Thee; let me be like the Angels, who think only of showing Thee their love, and of repairing, by their ceaseless homage, the ingratitude of men.  Thy love for me keeps Thy Heart always open, that I may perpetually dwell in It.  Oh!  Let this love keep me there, and there receive my last sigh.  I beg the same grace, my God, for all those in whom I am interested; grant Thy mercy especially to those who, all over the world, belong to the society of Thy Sacred Heart; fill them with Thy grace, and destroy whatever in them displeases Thee, and deign to support, increase, and perpetuate their zeal and fervour.  Extend this society, O Lord, into all places and ages, and let it honour Thee by the practice of every virtue, and by an indefatigable zeal for the conversion of souls: lastly grant that, being united with Thy Sacred Heart on earth, we may also be united to It for all Eternity in Heaven.

Since God rejects me not from His Presence, I will speak yet further to Him, dust and ashes though I am.  O God of my heart, listen to my petition; love those who love Thee not; open Thy Heart to those who do not knock, and heal those who, far from begging their cure, take pleasure in increasing their sickness: Thou hast told us, O Lord, that Thou camest upon earth to seek for sinners, and these, Divine Jesus, are sinners, indeed.  Consider not our blindness and ingratitude; look only on the streams of Blood Thou didst shed for our salvation.  Let Thy clemency shine forth, O Lord, for we are the work of Thy Hands; save us through Thy infinite mercy, for our evils are great: arise, O Lord, and behold the progress Thy enemies are daily making; check them, O God, and since they will not come to Thee, go to them, I beseech Thee; Good Shepherd, I implore it through Thy sacred Wounds.  Heart of Jesus, Thou art an inexhaustible Fountain of mercy for sinners; happy are they who seek Thee.

Dear Jesus, make me cease to sin; put a stop to the crimes of all the children of Adam; restore to life all hardened sinners, and withdraw them from the abyss in which they are sunk.  Lazarus did not beg Thee to bring him back to life—Thou didst work this miracle at the prayer of a sinner, and here, am I, O Lord, prostrate before Thee; hear my prayers and display Thy boundless mercy, I beseech Thee by the Tears Thou didst shed for Lazarus; remember that these Tears flowed also for all sinners who sleep in the death of sin.  I beg it of Thee by Thy precious Blood: since Thou didst pardon those who shed It, forgive us also, O Saviour of the world.

My Jesus, make Thy Church triumph over her enemies, increase the number of her children; grant her peace, and enable her to bless Thy Holy Name forever, and to revere Thy Divine Heart.  Have mercy also, my beloved Redeemer, on the poor souls in Purgatory; pity their sufferings, for they have been purchased by Thy Blood: open Thy Heart to them, hear their groans, and grant them release from their torments, and the happiness of glorifying Thee forever in Heaven.  Have pity especially on those who have been devout on earth to Thy Sacred Heart, and zealous for the glory of Thy blessed Mother; deprive them no longer of Thy Presence for they are dear to Thy Heart, and it is through this merciful Heart that I beseech Thee to give them possession of eternal happiness.  Amen.

Our Eucharistic Lord


A child of Jesus and Mary.

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