For People Bound by Addictions

by marlap2 from the Catholic Answers Forums

Lord, for all those bound in addictions.
They may feel so lost that they can’t even call out to You, Lord.
They may feel You aren’t even there.
They may, in their addiction, mock You or scorn You.
They may, in their addiction, lash out to family and those they once loved.

But You, O Lord, love them anyway. You, O Lord, still have hope. Because they are still breathing, Lord, there is time.

For every person locked in addiction, reading this prayer, know that this soul is praying for you, with all her heart, knowing that there is always hope. That you have the potential to be a most powerful instrument of God. That His plan for you is so marvelous, so amazing, that nothing in your imagination could ever conceive of it. Nevertheless, it is there.

All you have to do is surrender, and ask, be patient and persevere. I am praying that as you do this, when you are ready, that there is a mighty and wonderful group of prayerful warriors who can help lead you out of the darkness. If they aren’t apparent, then LOOK for them. They will be there. Seek for them, and find them, and then allow the healing to begin.

Lord, surround each and every person in addiction that is being prayed for here with Your heavenly and graceful Presence. Begin to heal the brokenness that led them to addiction, and with the Holy Spirit, inspire them to hope, to trust and to faith.

May these broken instruments become mighty swords in Your Hand, O Lord. And may the joy of their surrender give Glory to Your Name, Forever. Amen.

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