“My Heart is easily taken captive by My little children.”

(Jesus, in private revelation given to Gabrielle Bossis, on April 20, 1941)

Don’t you come to Me with more confidence than to any friend on earth? Aren’t you at home in My Heart? It should be that way too, since for each soul I am the unique, the incomparable One.

Offer this communion between us to the Father in union with the communion between the three Divine Persons. After you receive the Eucharist, offer Him not only My Body, but the perfections of My Soul: My power and My tenderness; My virtues, too—the ones you have loved the best—in order to help you to overcome your weaknesses and failures.

You understand—in Me you can find everything: all the love you need to help you. So don’t be afraid of making use of the One Who loves you so. Unfold your trust like silk to clothe your request, and you will vanquish Me. My Heart is easily taken captive by My little children. And you are all My little children. Any humble tenderness disarms Me.

Yes, before you fall asleep, lovingly and humbly confess the day’s faults and failings. What gain for you! And what eagerness to restore in the Heart of your loving Savior.

You remember, when Mary Magdalene had told Me of her sins, she stopped to ask, “After that, can I be forgiven?” I assured her and she went on. But once again she stopped and asked, “For this too, may I still hope to be forgiven?”

“Yes,” I assured her. Then when all her past had been laid at My feet, she wept from pure love-gratitude, understanding My infinite compassion. Understanding a little, that is. For it is not in you to grasp the infinite.

Love to be blind, since it is I Who am leading you if you really want to put your hand in Mine. Don’t you think fathers are happy when their little girls leave everything to them in simple tenderness?

Glorious Lord Jesus

(an excerpt from “The Gift of Oneself” by Father Joseph Schryvers)

To surrender onself body and soul to God, to cast oneself upon Him as a child hastens to embrace its mother, to love Him, and to tell Him so, and to keep repeating it to Him, that is perfection, that is the secret of the Saints, that is the way to delight the Heart of God. Jesus does not will that souls, His spouses, concern themselves with anything else than loving Him and showing Him their love.

In His palace, He has very many servants. If there are cares to be attended to, tasks to execute, a future to provide for, evils to prevent, He charges His servitors with all these. The queen ought not to leave her spouse. Her proper office is to charm him by the purity of her intention and by the tenderness and the fidelity of her love. Is the King of kings perhaps lacking in power, wisdom, or goodness, so that the soul need to be fearful for her future? Seeing the inquiet solicitude of certain souls, one might believe it.

O adored Master, from all eternity Thou hast resolved to sanctify me; Thou hast created the world only to save me! As soon as the last of the elect has attained the degree of love which Thou hast destined for him, the universe shall be dissolved, just as a skillfully constructed machine which has become useless is taken apart.

And of what consequence in God’s sight is this machine, this world, however perfectly fashioned it may be? Without trouble He can make a thousand others more mighty and more beautiful. His thoughts are concerned with souls. The events which absorb the attention of men, revolutions, disorders, the succession of empires are, in God’s sight, only as child’s play. Innocence preserved or recovered, an act of charity, a resolution to belong to Him, a sigh to His Heart, a prayer, these are the things which move Heaven.

“The Divine Heart is an ocean full of all good things, wherein poor souls can cast all their needs; it is an ocean full of joy to drown all our sadness, an ocean of humility to drown our folly, an ocean of mercy to those in distress, an ocean of love in which to submerge our poverty.” -Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque


A child of Jesus and Mary.

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