Hold Him and Do not Let Him Go

(the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, in private revelation given to Venerable María de Ágreda; The Mystical City of God, Vol. 1, Paragraph 310)

Mystical Mother

This in brief I wish thee to remember; be not dismayed, that thou wert conceived in sin, and, as an earthly creature, feelest within thyself the earthly inclinations; but strive against thy passions to a finish. In doing this thou wilt at the same time battle against thy enemies. With the help of the Almighty’s grace, thou canst rise above thyself and make thyself a daughter of heaven, whence all grace comes.

In order that thou mayest attain thereto, let thy habitation continue to be in the higher regions, keeping thy mind fixed in the knowledge of the immutable Being and perfections of God and never allowing thy attention to be drawn away to another even otherwise necessary object. With this continual presence and memory of God’s greatness thou wilt dispose thyself for the influx of the Holy Spirit and His gifts in closest friendship and communication with the Lord.

In order to evade all hindrance to this holy Will, which I have already many times pointed out and made manifest to thee, seek to mortify the interior part of thy being, the seat of the evil inclinations and passions. Die to all that is earthly, sacrifice, in the consciousness of God’s presence, all thy sensitive appetites, fulfill none of their impulses, nor ever satisfy thy own will outside of the narrow limits of obedience. Do not leave the secret refuge of interior recollection, where the Lamb enlightens thee. Adorn thyself for entrance into the bridal chamber of thy Spouse, and permit the hand of the Almighty to array thee in such a manner as He wishes, always seeking to concur with Him and place no obstacle in His way.

Purify thy soul by many acts of sorrow for having offended Him, magnify and praise Him with a most ardent love. Seek Him, and rest not until thou hast found Him, Whom thy soul desires, hold Him and do not let Him go (Song of Songs 3:4). I wish thee to proceed on thy pilgrimage like one, who has already arrived at the journey’s end, keeping thy gaze continually on the source of all glory. Let the rule of thy life be to walk in the light of faith and in the brightness, with which the Omnipotent shall fill and illumine thy soul, and to continue to love, adore and reverence Him, without any cessation or diminution.

This being the will of the Almighty in thy regard: consider what shall be thy gain, but remember also, what may be thy loss. See thou do not run this risk; subject thyself with thy whole will and being to the guidance of thy Spouse, of myself, and of holy obedience, which must always be thy standard.


A child of Jesus and Mary.


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