Prayers for Prison Inmates

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I pray You, dear Lord, for all our brothers and sisters who are currently incarcerated. I ask forgiveness for the crimes they have committed. It is true that through their actions they have hurt their fellows, but I recall Your command to love one another. I ask that during their time they will find the peace and restfulness that only You can provide. I beg that within their hearts they find it upon themselves to seek forgiveness, to repent, and to return to You, our real and only Saviour. May You have mercy on all of us. Amen.

(by fewbob from the Catholic Answers Forum)

Lord, I pray for all prisoners and their families. I pray You would comfort them when they are in despair and ease their fear and pain. I pray that those around them would treat them fairly and compassionately. I pray for the safety of all prisoners. Lord, we have all made mistakes and none of us are perfect. May we love our brothers and sisters in prison and care about them and their family members who worry for them. I pray that we would stand up for them within our governments that they would be treated fairly and compassionately. Please bless these people who are in prison and some who may be in despair. Thank You Lord, for Your many blessings. Amen.

(by tbcrawford from the Catholic Answers Forum)

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