Prayer to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven

by St. Lommán of Trim, Irish Abbot

tropical flowers

O Mary, when our eyes close in our last sleep, and open to behold thy Son, the Just Judge, and the Angel opens the Book, and the Enemy accuses us; in that terrible hour, come to our aid. Be with us.

When death came to Joseph, you and your Son were with him; thy Son to judge, thou to console. O Happy Joseph! When death comes for us, be near us.

O Mary, when we are held captive in the place of atonement, plead for us, and visit us, that we may find consolation in thy presence. Stretch forth thy hand to help us; deliver us from our bondage. We are thy children: thou art our Mother.

As little children we come to thee; we know no fear. O Mary, He changed water into wine for thee, even as He said: My hour has not yet come. Now He will not refuse thee, when you plead for us thy children.

O Mary, come quickly to our aid. Do not let us stray from the Fold. The wolf is waiting to destroy us. There shall be neither night nor day to thy praises.

Adoration to the Father Who created thee! Adoration to thy Son, Who took flesh from thee! Adoration to the Holy Spirit, thy Divine Spouse! Three in One, One in Three. Equal in all things. To Him be glory for ever. For ever. For ever. Amen.


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