Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

(attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas; translation by Father Paul Murray)

kiss from a rose

I praise, glorify and bless You, my God, for the immeasurable favors shown to me who am unworthy. I praise Your kind forbearance, waiting on me for so long and Your gentleness appearing in the guise of a sharp reprisal.

I praise Your tenderness calling out to me, Your kindness supporting me, Your mercy forgiving my sins. I praise Your goodness for giving me more than I deserve and Your patience for not remembering past injuries.

I praise Your humility that consoles me, Your patience that protects me, Your eternity that preserves me, Your truth that rewards me.

What can I say, my God, about Your ineffable generosity? For You call back the fugitive, You welcome the one who returns. You support the one who falters. You gladden the despondent, You urge on the negligent. You arm the warrior, You crown the victor. You spurn not the repentant sinner, You do not remember past crimes.

You set us free from many perils, You soften our hearts for penitence. You frighten us with chastisements, You entice us with promises. You correct us with scourges, You guard us with a ministering angel.

Temporal things You supply for us, eternal things You keep for us in reserve. You inspire us with the grandeur of creation. You draw us forward with the mercy of redemption. You promise us blessings in reward.

For all these things I cannot give sufficient praise. I give thanks, however, to Your Majesty, for the abundance of Your immense goodness. May You always increase Your grace in me, preserve that increase, and reward what You have preserved. Amen.

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