Prayer for Reverence for the Bible

O God, Eternal Teacher, in every situation of my life, You shine upon me with the light of Your eternal Word. The words preserved in the holy pages of the Bible mark the meeting point of all children with their celestial Parent. Let me proclaim the constant relevance of the holy book, always up-to-date in its inexhaustible spiritual fecundity, its extraordinary prophetic value, and the power of its divine message.

I praise You, Lord and Teacher, because You come to meet us on each venerable page. Each page speaks of Your love for human beings, and of Your wisdom revealed in our history.

I find in the holy text of the Bible the pure and constant nourishment of my spiritual life. I find in it the shining light that guides and comforts me on my terrestrial journey.

I revere Your Word, O God, Lord and Teacher, which is contained in the treasure of the Holy Bible. I beg You to make the Bible always the place where, more and more, unity and fellowship converge. Amen.

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