A Prayer to Ask for a Change of Heart

Only Son of the Eternal Father, Divine Word, permit me to say to You, from the profound abyss of my nothingness, that You have not taken a heart like mine, but in order that my heart should become like Yours.

Grant then, if You please, my adorable Redeemer, that Your admirable designs may be accomplished in me. Your Heart is pure. May mine be pure. Create a clean heart in me, O God.

Your Heart is humble. May mine be humble.
Your Heart is patient. May mine be patient.
Your Heart is docile. May mine be docile.
Your Heart is sincere. May mine be sincere.
Your Heart is exempt from all evil. May mine be exempt from all evil.
Your Heart is all love and sanctified love. May mine be all love and all holy love.
May Your Heart, O my Jesus, entirely possess mine.
May mine, O my Jesus, be entirely absorbed in Yours.
May it be a faithful heart, a contrite heart, a generous heart, a charitable heart, a perfectly Christian heart.

My Divine Saviour, I will from now on endeavour, with the assistance of Your grace, to have nothing in my heart but that which is in Yours, namely purity, humility, patience, docility, fortitude, meekness, and charity.

To possess only Jesus and His love. My heart is no longer mine, it belongs to Jesus. Open it, close it, inflame it. It is Yours.

Alas, it has not always been so, but, O Heart of Jesus, O love of Jesus, it is so at present by Your grace, and I trust that it will be so forever, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Amen.

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